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The owners of Faith + Grace Have decided to nurture their own Private Practices of Faith Works Counseling and Grace Therapy Services.
To Obtain any Medical Record from Faith + Grace Therapeutic Services please fax your request to (888) 924-8181.
For all other business questions please email 

To schedule with Faith Works Counseling, owned by Dr. Christine L. Ross, for MST or Office-Based services, please call (505) 600-6631 or select the Faith Works logo below to be directed to the Faith Works Counseling Website.

Faith Works-01.jpg

To schedule with Grace Therapy Services, owned by Dr. Ashley Martin-Cuellar, for Office-Based Services, please call (505) 554-1283 or select the Grace Therapy logo below to be directed to the Grace Therapy Services Website.

Grace Therapy Logo.jpg

We Thank You for Your Continued Support!

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